What do we do?

Say Hello is in the business of finding talented people for start-ups and dynamic businesses who are looking to scale. We’re taking the less traditional approach to recruitment by utilising social media channels and networking opportunities to source and connect with skilled individuals.

Whether you require assistance with one role or you’ve got your hands full with multiple vacancies, we’ll learn all about your business, your vacancy and then send you the most talented individuals from our social sourcing efforts.  Our recruitment experience is broad, we can assist with recruitment across all roles in your business, whether it’s a specialist position or you’re seeking an employee who can wear multiple hats - Say Hello can help.

We understand that start-ups and growing businesses often don’t have in-house recruiters to assist with hiring staff and huge agency fees are out of the question - our services are designed especially for you. Say Hello provides your company with a high touch, cost effective recruitment service.

Want us to work onsite in your offices? We’d love to! We’re keen to immerse ourselves in your organisation so we can understand the culture and paint a real picture to candidates about what it’s like to work for your company.

It doesn’t stop there..

Say Hello is a one stop shop for all your recruitment needs; we can provide recruitment training for your teams, consultation around recruitment strategy and technology, assistance with market mapping and employer branding.

If you’re wanting to utilise Say Hello for just a short period of time, we can contract to your business and provide unbundled recruitment services - we can help with writing job advertisments, conducting phone interviews, creating interview guides and reference checking.

We’ll customise outside the box, tailored recruitment solutions to suit you and your business. We’d love to chat about how we can help - Say Hello today.